Vortex HD1800 Etäisyysmittari

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Erittäin pätevä ja kompaktin kokoinen etäisyysmittari. Mittarin nimi “Ranger 1800” kertoo, että laite toimii luotettavasti selkeällä kelillä 1800 jaardiin saakka (n. 1645 m). Käyttökokemuksen perusteella laitteella saa etäisyydet kuitenkin hyvässä kelissä yli kilometriinkin.

Etäisyysmittarin avulla ampuminen helpottuu eri ampumamatkoille. Korkojen ottaminen helpottuu ja ohilaukausten määrä vähänee.   

Ranger 1800 etäisyysmittari on todella kompaktin kokoinen, ellei jopa markkinoiden pienin. Silti se on optisesti huipputasoa ja tarjoaa optiikaltaan korkean suorituskyvyn. Multipäällystetyt linssit tarjoavat optimaalisen valonläpäisyn.

Ihanteellinen tuote metsästäjille, rata-ampujille ja jousiampujille. Mittausetäisyys 10m – 1645m+

kompakti, ergonominen ja kevyt. Helppo kantaa mukana tai ripustaa kaulaan. Paketin mukana tulee kaulanauha ja paristo.

Even the most accurate rifle and scope combination is rendered useless without the precise target range data the Ranger rangefinder provides. Easy-to-use, the Ranger bucks the trend of overly complicated electronics that are more of a hindrance in the field than they are an asset. The built-in angle compensation is popular with treestand hunters looking to get exact horizontal distance to a deer and long-range shooters who need to calculate complex ballistic solutions with precise data. A utility clip keeps these compact units close at hand for rapid deployment and each model is easily adapted to any 1/4-20 tripod plate when a more rock steady base is required.

Compact, ergonomic and lightweight, the Ranger 1800 is easy to pack or hang around your neck using the included lanyard. The adjustable utility clip mounted to the body offers an innovative way to clip the unit to a belt, pocket, or other flat edged surface for easy access. Clip can be mounted to right or left side of the unit or completely removed. Runs on common CR2 battery.


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Range Reflective (yards) 10-1800 yards (noin 10-1645m).
Range Deer (yards) 10-900 yards
Accuracy + / – 3 yards @ 1000 yards
Max Angle Reading + / – 60 degrees
Magnification 6x
Objective Lens Diameter 22 mm
Linear Field of View 315 feet/1000 yards
Angular Field of View 6 degrees
Eye Relief 17 mm
Length 99mm / 3.9 inches
Height 79mm
Width 76.2mm / 3 inches
Weight 210g / 7.7 oz (including battery)

Utility clip
Neck lanyard
Soft carry case
CR2 battery
Manual in english

Fully Multi-CoatedIncrease light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.

Waterproof O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating for reliable performance in all environments.
Rugged Design. Built to handle tough situations. Compact and lightweight.Rubber Armor provides a secure, non-slip grip, and durable external protection.Diopter adjusts for differences in a user’s eyes. Located on eyepiece.Tripod Adaptable- allowing use on a tripod or car window mount.

HCD – Horizontal Component Distance mode for angle compensated ranging.
LOS – Line of Sight mode displays actual line of sight range.
Scan – This feature displays continual distance readings when panning across a landscape or tracking a moving animal.
Easy-to-use Menus feature a simple, clean illuminated display.
Ranging Format – in yards or meters.

The Ranger 1800 uses HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) angle-compensated ranging technology to give bow and rifle shooters the critical distance data needed to make accurate shots.

Additional information

Weight 0.33 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 11 cm


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