Spuhr SCP-3022 Hunting Series Ø30 H38mm/1.5” 0MIL PIC

293.01 (236.30 alv 0%)



Article no.: SCP-3022
The Hunting Series version of the SP-3022. The SCP-3022 is designed for use on Picatinny rails and features one classic ring and one interface ring, which can be rotated as to position the interface/accessory in either the 12-o’clock or 3-o’clock position. The SCP-series of mounts feature two separate side clamps and allows the scope to be mounted 70 mm/2.76” further forward than with a non-cantilever mount.

10-degree wedge included

Height: 38 mm/1.5”
Clearance: 7 mm/.27″ (from the bottom of the tube to front of bridge of the mount body)
Length: 141 mm/5.55”
Weight: 154 g/5.4 oz

Note: Will not fit the SAKO S20 or rifles with 2-piece rails

OBESERVE! SP-3022 is replaced by SP-3022C



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