SPUHR – Chassis Tikka T3/T3X LA 16″

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Spuhr® Ideal Chassis System™ – Modular Chassis System with Quick-Adjustable LOP and Recoil Pad Height

Optimized for Tikka T3/T3x in Long Action calibers.

16″ Forend. Features Spuhr Interfaces™ along the top of the forend for use with NV devices and illuminators, etc.

Length: 975 mm/38.4” (685 mm/27.0” folded)
Width: 48.5 mm/1.9”
Height: 180 mm/7.1”
Weight: 2.38 kg/5.25 lb
Forend: 406 mm/16.0”
Color: Black

The Spuhr® Ideal Chassis System™ (SICS™) is a modular chassis system, designed to provide a rigid support of the barreled action for improved accuracy. The SICS™ features:
• Aircraft grade aluminum alloy construction
• Folding stock assembly with adjustment for solid lockup
• Quick-adjustable length-of-pull (50 mm/1.97” travel) and recoil pad height (32 mm/1.25”) – toolless and without play
• Height and length-adjustable cheek piece
• Length-adjustable proprietary pistol grip (8 mm/0.32” travel, AR-compatible)
• 16” Spuhr Interface™ forend with integrated ARCA Swiss rail and QD sling cups
• AICS-pattern magwell for 94.36 mm/3.715″ length magazines – not for AI AX magazines
• Built-in barricade stop
• Uses original recoil lug

• As the Tikka T3/T3x actions have a 28 mm/1.102” front face diameter, even a straight bull barrel matching the Tikka action’s diameter will fit in the CH110 13″ forend.
• Due to the narrow magwell in the Tikka T3/T3x actions, some plastic magazines may not seat properly without modification.
• Some metal magazines allow for longer cartridges than will fit into the magwell cutout in the receiver. For use with such cartridge lengths we recommend that magwell cutout is extended and the feed ramp is moved forward to match the front of the magazine.

Action: Tikka T3/T3x LA
Forend:16″ Standard
Color: Black Hardcoat Anodized

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Integrating the Spuhr Interface™ into a chassis system allows the user to position accessories originally
designed for the Spuhr Ideal Scope Mount System™ (ISMS™) at various positions on the rifle system, combined
with an exchangeable handguard and bag rider, provides unsurpassed modularity.

Machined from aircraft aluminum, with the sole synthetic parts being the rubberized pistol grip, cheek piece,
and a Limbsaver® Airtech® recoil pad, the SICS™ offers an extremely rigid shooting platform.

An innovative, and patented, quick-adjustable Length of Pull (LOP) allows the user to instantly adjust the LOP
when shifting from one shooting position to another. The SICS™ also features LOP Presets so that the user can
tailor his maximum and minimum Length of Pull. Integrated into the standard 16-inch forend is an Arca
Swiss® rail for use with bipods and tripods, but even this part of the chassis still accepts Spuhr Interface™
As always, quality has been a priority, where the SICS™ does not feature any sharp edges while featuring the
same high quality black anodizing known from the Spuhr Hunting Series mounts and rings (other colors will
be available.)

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SICS™Feature 1 – The Forend
The SICS™ 16” standard forend features Spuhr Interfaces™ along the top, sides, and bottom, QD sling swivels, and an integrated ARCA Swiss® rail for use of various commonly available bipod and tripod solutions. The SICS™ can also be fitted with different length forends depending on user requirements.
The proprietary ARCA Rail Grabber allows the user to quickly adjust the grabber’s position along the full length of the SICS™ forend with a mere push of a button. Instant and secure.
With all SICS™ forends, a short Picatinny Gen2 rail is included so that a bipod or other 3rd party accessories can be attached to the chassis.

Finally, the Spuhr Interfaces™ along the forend also allow the use of other Spuhr ISMS™ scope mount accessories to be moved from the scope mount to the chassis, and vice versa.

SICS™ Feature 2 – The Chassis Body
The SICS™ Chassis Body is machined from a single billet of 7075 T651 aluminum alloy, and is designed to provide the most rigid cradle possible for the barreled action, as to achieve the highest possible degree of accuracy and precision from the rifle system.
The first step in the design process was to ensure that the forend attaches in front of the action so that any side forces onto the forend do not spread to the chassis body or to the barreled action.
The next step was to choose a magazine, where we opted for the tried and true AICS pattern magazine well, thus achieving a stronger chassis body, by using a magazine that locks from the bottom rear than from the side, as well as allowing the user a wider range of sources for magazines than a single brand. (We also offer an extended magazine stop for gunsmith fitting for those who need them.)
We also extended the sides of the magazine well forward, so that they provide a natural barricade stop without impacting the barreled action or the forend.
The third step was to fit the chassis body with a comfortable grip. We naturally chose to design the SICS™ Chassis Body to accept most aftermarket AR15 pistol grips, but in the end we opted to design and fit the SICS™ with our own rubberized grip design. To ensure that the pistol grip is as comfortable as possible we made it adjustable, with 8 mm/0.32” of travel, to perfectly align your trigger finger with the trigger.
Though the pistol grip does not feature a thumb shelf, we have created a natural resting place for the shooting hand above the rear of the pistol grip.
As a compliment to the QD sling cups on top of the forend, a third QD sling cup is attached to the rear left side of the chassis body.

Finally, we added Spuhr Interfaces™ to the sides of the mag well, so that cartridge holders and other accessories can be attached there. Also, competition shooters may want to attach accessories such as timers or DOPE card holders, etc., to the rifle even if they chose not to use one of our ISMS™ scope mounts.

SICS™ Feature 3 – The Folding Stock Frame
The SICS™ Folding Stock Frame is machined from a single billet of 7075 T651 aluminum alloy, just like the SICS™ chassis body, and is designed to provide a rigid but lightweight folding stock.
The Folding Stock Frame attaches to the Chassis Body through a hinge with an M8 Hinge Bolt with brass bushings. From the factory, the hinge is adjusted for a smooth and silent movement without any unnecessary play. If the user wants to adjust the movement this can be easily done using a 1/2” socket wrench.
In the folded position, a stud on the Folding Stock Frame locks into the side of the Chassis Body while the Folding Stock Frame prevents the bolt handle from moving.
Locking the Folding Stock Frame to the Chassis Body in the extended position is a push-button steel latch that locks solidly into an adjustable steel lock plate in the Chassis Body. This allows the user to easily adjust the lockup over the lifespan of the chassis, regardless of how much use or abuse you subject it to.
The Folding Stock Frame features an adjustable rubberized cheek piece. The height of the cheek piece can be adjusted by turning the wing nut on the left side of the Folding Stock Frame, while moving the cheek piece up or down. The wing nut’s rotation can also be adjusted while pulling on it, without impeding the lockup of the cheek piece. A spring-loaded detent prevents the cheek piece from accidentally being slid out of it’s dovetail track. By loosening three Torx 20 screws, the cheek piece can be adjusted forward or to the rear, and spare screws can be stored in the stem of the cheek piece slide.
The Folding Stock Frame also features a bag rider, into the bottom of which there is a row of Spuhr Interfaces™, so that accessories such as Picatinny rails for butt spikes, etc., can be attached. We have also machined holes through the sides of the bag rider so that bags can be tied to the bag rider with a piece of paracord, etc.

Among the various accessories we will offer for the SICS™ is a side adjustable cheek piece and a height adjustable bag rider.

SICS™ Feature 4 – The LOP Adjustment and Butt Plate Assembly
If we were to narrow down the SICS™ to a single feature that sets it apart from other chassis on the market it would be our patented quick-adjustable Length-of-Pull (LOP). By pulling to the rear on the LOP Adjustment Lever, housed behind the bag rider, the SICS™ Butt Plate Assembly can quickly be extended 50 mm/1.97” or to the required length. To reduce the LOP, just pinch the LOP Adjustment Lever and the grip of the LOP Retaining plate together and push the assembly forward.
If the user wants to set their own maximum and minimum LOP, this can easily be done by adding LOP Presets into the side of the Tufram coated LOP Bar. It just so happens that these LOP Presets are the same M4x10 Torx 20 screws we use for the top covers on our ISMS™ and Hunting Series rings and mounts. Also, the top of the LOP Bar is engraved with numbers, visibly indicating the LOP position for easy confirmation.
In addition to the quick-adjustable LOP, the SICS™ also features a height-adjustable butt plate, which allows the butt plate to be raised 32 mm/1.25” in three steps, to ensure a more comfortable shooting experience when shooting from the prone position. To adjust the butt plate height, just push the button on the left side of the butt plate while sliding the butt plate up or down.
Finally, at the rear of the butt plate, we use a Limbsaver® Airtech® recoil pad for maximum recoil absorption.

Among the various accessories we offer for the SICS™ is a 18 mm/0.71″ Recoil Pad Spacer, for shooters who require additional length of pull.

SICS™ Feature 5 – The System and the Accessories
The SICS™ ships standard in hardcoat anodized black, with a 16” Spuhr Interface™ forend, and is designed for AICS pattern magazines. LOP is quick-adjustable for 50 mm/1.93”, pistol grip 8 mm/0 32″, and the butt plate can be raised 32 mm/1.25”.
The Short Action versions for Remington 700 and Tikka T3x are 685 mm/27.0” folded and 975 mm/38.4” fully extended. The Remington 700 SA version weighs 2.37 kg/5.22 lb and the Tikka T3x SA version weighs 2.43 kg/5.35 lb.
Remington 700 and Tikka T3x Long Action versions will be available by the beginning of Q1 2022.
As to accessories…
The ARCA Swiss Rail Grabber (SKU CA001) is designed for quick and tool-less push-button adjustment of the grabber’s position along the forend. The CA001 has an ARCA Swiss interface surface with a Spuhr Interface™ machined into it, so that an ARCA bipod or tripod can be attached, or alternatively a short Picatinny rail, etc., if a bipod with a Picatinny grabber needs to be used. The CA001 weighs 120 gr/4.2 oz.
An oversized magazine catch, in-the-white (SKU CA002,) is available for those who need to be able to custom fit their magazines into the SICS™.
An exterior weight kit (SKU CA003,) containing two Corr-I-dur® treated steel weights for the SICS™ forend, is available for those who want to add weight to their rifle. Each weight weighs 110 grams/3.9 oz (including three screws) and is 58x30x10 mm (2.28”x1.18”x0.39”). The exterior weights are also sold as a 5-pack (SKU CA008).
We also offer an interior weight kit (SKU CA004,) containing two Corr-I-dur® treated steel weights designed for the inside of the SICS™ forend. Each weight weighs 171 grams/6.0 oz (including three screws) and is 58x36x12 mm (2.28”x1.42”x0.47”). The interior weights are also sold as a 5-pack (SKU CA009).
Finally, we offer an 18 mm/0.71″ recoil pad spacer (SKU CA005,) for shooters who require a longer length of pull than what the SICS™ offers from the factory.

Other accessories currently in the works are an Adjustable Bag Rider and a Side-Adjustable Cheek Piece.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 100 × 25 × 10 cm



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