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Control your Labradar from your smartphone or tablet with it’s Bluetooth connection. Consult all your statistics displayed in list or table. Manage, store or delete the information in your series as you wish. All these possibilities and many more are now in your hands. Thanks to the Labradar mobile app.


  • Control your labradar from your smartphone or tablet
    • Arm, disarm and change your settings
  • Display statistics of last shot
    • Velocities
    • Energy
    • Power Factor
  • Consult your last shooting stats
    • Serie
      • Highest & lowest Shot
      • Extreme Spread
      • Velocity versus distance displayed in graphic and list
      • Standard deviation
      • Energy
      • Power factor
    • Shot
      • Velocity versus distance displayed in graphic and list
      • Energy
      • Power factor



A UNIQUE PERSONAL RADAR SYSTEM LabRadar was developed by Infinition Inc of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Infinition has been the industry leader in Doppler Radar Technology since 1996 with products being used by defense agencies all over the world. Infinition Inc. has unique expertise in Ballistic Instrumentation Radar Systems and highly sophisticated software for the capture and processing of a ballistic event. High quality innovative products and services, timely delivery and superior customer support have all contributed to gaining customers and establishing our solid worldwide reputation. Our radar systems include the most complex long range multiple target tracking systems to small laboratory range applications capturing tiny projectiles at ultra high velocities. From this technology the creation of LabRadar was developed for everyday use by individuals. Developed by [caption id="attachment_7851" align="alignnone" width="137"]infinition labradar infinition labradar[/caption]


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