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After almost a year of development, this revolutionary bag is ready for release.
Named after Fenrir, the wolf that would eat the world.

The design departs from classic W-bags, but is still based on Mjölnir’s unique
geometry to dynamically offer the best possible stability regardless of the
barricade’s design.

The unique asymmetrical hourglass shape has several advantages. The bag
provides a more consistent impression, which makes it easier to balance the
weapon in the middle of the bag. Because the bag has a concave design, the bag
locks on both the barricade and the weapon, which increases stability and allows a
straight recoil managment. Because the wells have a less aggressive angle
compared to W-sacks, the stitches are not nearly as stressed, which combined with
a heavier – but still compliant – fabric means a bag that is exponentially more

Simply put, this is the best bag on the market that is guaranteed to mechanically
dope your shooting. 5 out of 6 shooters in the Swedish OPEN Team in PRS will run
this bag at the WC 2024. It is also a popular option with hunters who want more
options in the forest to take a stable shot.

The bag comes in two models: ‘Gamer’ and ‘Fat Wolf’. What sets the bags apart is
the width, ‘Fat Wolf’ is 16% wider, which has proven beneficial for shooters who
have Foundation stocks and to get better ‘mag clearance’ under field type

Recommended filling weight (bag is delivered empty):
– Gamer, 3.8-4.0kg Sand/glass blasting media.
– Fat Wolf, 4.6-4.8kg Sand/glass blasting media.

Drop/spray some silicone into the filling to make it water-repellent and prevent it
from clumping together when wet.

Materials and care instructions: Double-stitched waxed canvas. Clean with soap and
lukewarm water. Wax continuously as needed to protect the fabric, make it water
repellent and increase grip.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2 cm

Gamer, Fat Wolf




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