LABRADAR – Attachments of external USB-battery

I used to have a long USB cable between the battery and the Labradar unit. That was probably not the best solution with the risk of getting tangled up in the cable, and possibly damaging the connectors in the battery and Labradar unit. One aspect is also that the battery (and its connectors) stays cleaner when not left lying on the ground.

Some users has used magnetic USB-cables ( that de-attach themselfs if getting pulled) between the units, but I prefer the following clean looking solutions:

A. Battery attached using VELCRO One-wrap directly to Labradar unit.

B. Battery attached using VELCRO One-wrap directly to tripod leg.

C. Big battery bank attached to Labradar battery compartment using 3M Dual Lock.

C1. Velco One-wrap is also a good solution to keep all kinds of electrical-  and other cables together. I  use it on many straps on my backpack. In the pictures I have used it on the microphone cable and also with the USB-cable to the big battery pack.

C2. 3M Dual lock is VERY strong, I would probably only use  about 33% of Dual Lock next time to attach a similar big and heavy (16000 mAh)  battery .