spuhr hunting series


The Spuhr Interface™ provides a superior way to attaching accessories to the scope mount/ring – with an outstanding repeatability – without having to replace parts of the mount or having to re-zero the scope in between changes.

We currently offer a multitude of accessories that can be attached to our Hunting Series mounts and rings: interfaces for the majority of red dot sights on the market so that you are always ready and able to take a shot at a near target without adjusting the magnification on your scope; Picatinny rails of various heights for attaching accessories such as flashlights, laser range finders, and cameras, etc.; and many more.

By using Spuhr mounts with our system for attaching accessories you get the best and most flexible system on the market. Our solution is superior to all others.


In addition to the mounts and rings we also offer our 1-piece Picatinny Gen2 scope bases. These scope bases are based on our pre-existing design of using heavily dehorned edges on all edges and corners to ensure greater repeatability and a smoother touch.