Zero Compromise Optic, ZC840, 8-40×56, FFP, MPCT3X, FDE

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Zero Compromise Optic’s engineers have set the next standard for magnification, imaging performance and mechanical precision. With its 8-40x magnification and unsurpassed resolution, this optic transcends anything you’ve ever seen before.

With an elevation adjustment range of 28mils and a field of view of 4.6m/100m – 1.0m/100m at 40x magnification, you’ll have a substantial image to keep your target in view.

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Reticle: MPCT3X

Optional functionality, contact us for price and availability:
Reticle option:
Tremor 5

Turret option:
CW (Clock wise rotation)



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Main Features:
8-40x magnification
Reticle MPCT3X
Locking turret Windage only
Color FDE (Flat Dark Earth)

    • Optical performance is unmatched – ZCO’s optical engineers have set the next standard for clarity, light transmission, and resolution in a compact package.  Performance like this has never been seen before in this magnification range and objective size.  Color rendition is natural with a slight enhancement in contrast for the finest view possible.  Total light transmission to the eye is 92% and the resolution is best in class.
    • Mechanical construction perfected – When customers demand ultimate reliability, ZCO delivers the most robust construction techniques in the industry to deliver on this request. Mechanical engineers have designed some of the most well respected rifle scopes in the world, and have gone several steps further for increased durability, repeatability, and ruggedness.  Hardened steel components are used in high wear areas such as the internal click mechanisms for the elevation and windage turrets to ensure a lifetime of repeatable adjustment values.  Optical lenses are mechanically locked in place as well as bonded along the edges for total and complete structural integrity.
    • Unmatched reticle diversity – Their staff is highly involved in the shooting and hunting industry and have designed the very best reticles available.  New designs have been developed by ZCO to enhance reticle diversity and usability.  No matter your application, ZCO offers a reticle that will suite your needs perfectly.


    • Magnification: 8x – 40x
    • Focal Plane: First (FFP)
    • Exit Pupil: 7-1,4mm
    • Tube Diameter: 36mm
    • Objective Lense Diameter: 56mm
    • Eye Relief:> 90 mm
    • Parallax: 10m– ∞
    • Field of View @ 100m: 4,6-1,0m
    • Elevation Adjustment Range: 28 MRAD
    • Windage Adjustment Range: 12 MRAD
    • Travel Per Rotation: 10MRAD
    • Click Value: 0.1 MRAD
    • Reticle: MPCT3X
    • Reticle Illumination: Yes, Green/ Red (auto off 2min/2 hours, depending on position)
    • Turret: Locking Windage only
    • Turret rotation: CCW
    • Length: 44,0cm
    • Weight: 1175g
    • Battery: CR2032
    • Color: FDE (Field Dark Earth)

Rifle scope manual: ZC840
Reticle manual: MPCT3X



Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 15 cm


ZCO - Zero Compomise Optic

    Zero Compromise Optic has set a new benchmark for what is possible in the high-end rifle scope industry. Within our first year, independent reviewers were already ranking our products higher than much larger precision rifle scope companies that have been in business for over a hundred years and who are very well respected. We accomplished this by our unrelenting dedication to superior quality throughout every aspect of our products. From the optical performance to the mechanical system to the feel of the controls. Every single aspect was scrutinized and perfected at such a high level that end users noticed it immediately. We will detail all these aspects in this document.

True excellence in optical performance of a rifle scope does not depend on any one single aspect, but the synergy of all aspects as they meld together to deliver the image to the shooter. These aspects are light transmission, resolution, field of view, parallax sensitivity, flatness-of-field, and ease of obtaining a full sight picture when getting behind the rifle scope. Bringing the highest level of each of these aspects together as a whole produces a superior total optical performance. If any one of these is lacking, the complete overall performance will be reduced. ZCO has optimized each of these aspects to work together at the highest levels of performance across the board to achieve true optical excellence.

A. Light transmission is exceptionally high at 92%. This means better visibility of targets at extended range as the available light is reduced, as well as a brighter image for the shooter in every other situation.

B. Resolution of fine details of the target image are the best in class with our ZCO products. We have tested and measured the finest rifle scopes in the world against our own products on our highly calibrated optical testing machines. Our superior resolution numbers mean that the user will be able to pick up on the finer details of targets whether in the open or concealed behind vegetation. It also means that a more accurate image of the actual target will be visible under a wider range of atmospheric conditions than other products can produce. In short, the best possible detail throughoutthe entire image is seen through a ZCO rifle scope.

C. Our ZC420 delivers an excellent field of view of 9,3m at 4x and 2m feet at 20x. Our ZC527 delivers 7m at 5x and 1,5m at 27x. These FOV numbers are near the widest in the industry. This means a shooter can be on a higher magnification setting and still have a very generous field of view to locate targets or transition from one target to the next without having to adjust their magnification setting as much as other brands.

D. Parallax sensitivity is an often-overlooked attribute of a precision rifle scope. The more sensitive the parallax adjustment, the more a shooter will need to adjust it to maintain good sight picture clarity and eliminate reticle parallax on the target image. Our optical designers and mechanical system engineers worked together to produce an overall system that reduces the parallax sensitivity as much as could be achieved. Within the span from about 25m to about 300m, the parallax sensitivity is finely tuned to be able to obtain a crisp sight picture quickly and easily with zero parallax. As the distances increase, the depth of field increases, and the parallax sensitivity is greatly reduced. The shooter experiences a target image that is clear and sharp for a longer distance both in front of and behind the target with minimal parallax of the reticle. Less manipulation of the parallax turret is the result.

E. Flatness-of-field means that when looking through the rifle scope, the image does not have a perceptible curvature to it. This aspect is mostly seen near the edges of the image and many shootersrefer to some products as having a “fishbowl” type effect. Sometimes this curvature may manifest as slightly blurry image quality near the edges of the field of view as well and can often be seen in the reticle itself. Flatness-of-field is also an important optical aspect when the mechanical is significantly off center such as when dialing for extreme long-range shots. Due to the internal erector system being pointed more toward the bottom edge of the objective lens systems, optical degradation can occur. If the complete optical system has not been fully optimized for the erector to be useful in this position a blurry target image will result. ZCO has nearly eliminated this problem altogether by going to the extra length of utilizing larger lens elements in critical positions. These larger lens elements allow our optical and mechanical systems to work together in harmony and provide a superior flatness-of-field for our customers. No fishbowl effect, no blurry edges, and no degradation of optical performance when the elevation turret is maxed out for those ELR shots.

F. A full sight picture that is easy to obtain is a vital aspect to shooter comfort. Most shooters refer to this area behind the scope as the “eye box” which is a good term to describe this point. A smaller eye box means that head position behind the gun is much more critical for keeping a full sight picture. A larger eye box means that a full sight picture will be easier to achieve and maintain, there is more flexibility in head position without compromising the sight picture. ZCO products have an exceptionally large and generous eye box so that shooters are able to quickly and easily achieve their sight picture especially when in unorthodox firing positions. This also means less neck muscular strain to maintain the sight picture especially when behind the rifle for extended periods of time. Result: a heightened level of shooter comfort for all day shooting and better enjoyment of the sight picture.

Optical Summary

A. 92% light transmission

B. Best in class resolution

C. Wide field of view

D. Finely tuned parallax sensitivity for ease of shooting

E. Exceptional flatness-of-field throughout the entire mechanical system range of travel

F. Enhanced ease of obtaining a full sight picture

Mechanical Systems

The mechanical systems developed by ZCO are the most robust and true performance-oriented systems in the world. Our mechanical systems are comprised of the elevation and windage adjustment turrets and the locking systems of each, the internal erector system, the method of securing every optical lens element, and the eyepiece system containing the magnification selector ring and diopter adjustment.

A. Our elevation and windage adjustment turrets utilize a system developed exclusively by ZCO. While every other rifle scope manufacturer uses a single click type mechanism which is often like a ball point pen, ZCO uses a dual click mechanism with a roller pin to provide superior click feel to the user. The dual click mechanism has 180 degree opposing roller pins that are the same height as the 150 splines over which they produce the individual clicks for the adjustments. The click mechanisms are also made of hardened steel in these typically high-wear areas for the utmost in wear resistance. The roller pin design along with the dual click mechanism ensures a lifetime of superior click feel without any degradation in the click feel from the detents gradually being worn down over time. This is the level to which ZCO is committed to superior performance throughout our products; new technologies designed to provide our customers with the best performing components in the world. Along with these, our scope sprovide 35 mils of elevation adjustment and 20 mils of windage. These are exceptional values and one of the big reasons ELR shooters are choosing our products over the competition.

B. The locking turret systems of our elevation and windage adjustments is specifically designed to be entirely robust and durable yet easy to engage and disengage. The turrets pull out from the main body and only travel about 3mm to unlock. This keeps the turrets very low-profile with minimal movement of the turrets to make an adjustment. The engaging teeth providing the lock capability are also hardened steel meaning these interfaces will not wear out over time.

C. The erector system inside of a rifle scope is essentially a tube with multiple lenses inside of it. This is largely considered the “heart” of the optical system. Great care is taken in assembling every erector system that goes into a ZCO rifle scope. The reticle of the scope is placed at the forward most portion of the erector and is where all light coming through the objective lens is focused for the first time. This is why this specific location is called “First Focal Plane” or FFP for short. The lenses inside the erector system have a mechanical lock securing them in place and are further bonded in place with an advanced Ultraviolet activated adhesive. With the double retention method of these critical components, our products are much more durable against extreme shock and abuse than many other products on the market. Even our erector return spring, the component critical in making sure that the erector stays in perfect alignment with the adjustment turrets and optical system, has been carefully selected to exacting tolerances. It provides a highly uniform pressure throughout the entire range of adjustment travel.

D. All our optical lens elements are secured not by a single method, but two. They are placed in their mechanical mounts and naturally self-center due to interfacing and matching bevels between the lens itself and the mechanical seat. A locking ring component secures the optical element to its seat and then our advanced UV adhesive permanently bonds the lens in position. This method of fully securing the optical elements ensures your rifle scope will maintain its point of aim / point of impact even on large bore and high recoiling rifle systems. It also ensures your scope will continue to perform even if an accidental fall happens to occur with your rifle.

E. The eyepiece system of a rifle scope provides a lot of function to the overall system. It contains the magnification selector ring as well as diopter adjustment. The magnification ring has a built in Magnification Change Lever (MCL) and has a perfect amount of tension. The magnification is smooth to turn yet not overly stiff or sloppy. Rotational torque is finely tuned for the best feel in the industry. A diopter lock is also provided that is simple but highly effective with a knurled control allowing the popular Tenebraex lens cover to directly snap on without the normal adapter ring. The diopter lock means reticle focus will not change from accidental movement of a lens cover or from unintentional movement.

Mechanical Summary

A. The most refined, robust, and advanced click mechanism in the industry

B. Locking elevation(optional) and windage turrets with R2Z built in

C. Erector system engineered for unfailing durability and precision

D. Optical lens mounting processes for extreme ruggedness

E. A highly advanced eyepiece design created for delivering the best optical view

ZCO Features

Consumers have been raving about the feature set found on ZCO products. We provide the most comprehensive feature set of any manufacturer. We are the only company to put these many features into a single product. We did this because we are a true specialty scope company where our passion, dedication, and complete focus is building nothing but the highest quality rifle scopes.

A. Starting with the 36mm main tube, consumers have been overly impressed with the benefits found in our products. Not only are they getting superior optical performance throughout the entire optical system, but they also get a massive adjustment range in the mechanical systems. Our large main tube further helps to protect and isolate the internal lenses by having more material in critical points of the main tube for enhanced durability and strength as well as provide better clearance around critical optical elements.

B. The elevation turret has a multitude of features in itself including: a built in Return 2 Zero (R2Z) giving 0.5 mil below zero, two and a quarter rotations with highly visible engraving and wider click spacing than found on most of the competition, a rotation indicator pin to keep track of elevation, a simple and proven turret reset through two set screws, locking function (optional) throughout the entire elevation range, and a click feel that is widely considered the perfect blend of tactile feel and audible feedback. All that and a massive 35 mils of elevation adjustment! The windage turret mirrors most of the elevation but provides 7 mils of adjustment in either direction with a rotation stop so the turret will not go past the 180-degree point and cause confusion to the shooter. The windage turret can provide a total of 20 mils of internal adjustment.

C. Our Advanced Illumination Management (AIM) is a feature not found in any other precision style rifle scope. This feature allows the end-user to individually select between red or green illumination or to have the functions of AIM enabled or not. AIM will automatically turn the illumination off if the scope exceeds 75 degrees in up or down angle tilt, or when it exceeds 45 degrees of roll to either side. It will also go into a sleep mode after three minutes of being perfectly still but automatically reactivate with the slightest amount of movement. If the rifle is completely motionless for two hours, the illumination will go into a hibernation mode where the illumination must be rotated to the OFF position and then back on to reactivate the illumination. These functions are all designed to conserve battery life so the illumination will work correctly when it is needed the most. The end user can however personally select to disable this feature if they choose to do so.

D. The reticle selection from ZCO is also highly popular and sought after. We are personally involved in the precision rifle shooting sports and pay close attention to current customer demands. Our three reticle options are considered the pinnacle of design perfection due to their uncluttered, easy to see, and highly effective nature of employment. For shooters that want a simple crosshair with a high precision capability, the MPCT1 fits the role with 0.2 mil indications along the vertical as well as horizontal crosshairs. Our MPCT2 reticle has been the most preferred reticle for those that want a simple but amazingly effective “tree” style. The center area is kept open for target observation while the tree is minimal in size yet provides 0.2 mil hold points throughout. Finally, our MPCT 3 was designed for shooters desiring a dot style reticle in a “tree” layout. The open circles give this reticle a much higher functionality than any other dot style reticle on the market. Customer feedback on this reticle now makes it easily the most sought-after dot design from the high-end manufacturers around the world.

Features Summary

A. 36mm main tube for undoubtedly best in class optical and mechanical performance

B. An elevation and windage turret systems with comprehensive features unto themselves

C. AIM feature which is only found in ZCO products like this class of rifle scope

D. Reticle selection that has become the most sought after designs on the market


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