Spuhr QDP-3016 Cantilever Scope Mount Ø30 H38mm/1.5″ 0MIL QD

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Article no.: QDP-3016

Quick detachable cantilever mount featuring side clamp and dual levers on the left side of the mount, with tensioning screws on opposite side of the mount body. Absolute co-witness most clip-on NV units on AR platforms. Allows the scope to be mounted 40 mm/1.57” farther forward than with a non-cantilever mount.
Height: 38 mm/1.5”
Length: 151 mm/5.94” (mount body only)
Weight: 270 g/9.5 oz
10-degree wedge included


Tekninen tiedote: Spuhr QDP-3016 Spec Sheet.pdf

Manual: Spuhr QDP-3016 manual.pdf

Ideal Scope Mounting System

Extremely sturdy one-piece QDP scope mount, with multiple interface surfaces for mounting accessories directly to the mount. Built-in level. 45-degree split rings for better view of turrets. Various heights and tilts available.

Notes on Mounting

The contact surfaces of the rings have grooves that can be used for gluing the scope in place. Gluing may be a good solution for bench rest shooters or for firearms that are used extensively in 4WD vehicles and in other applications with severe vibrations. For normal use (including most military, law enforcement, and civilian use) we recommend using a small amount of powdered rosin between the scope and the scope rings. Powdered rosin is a very good gripping agent that prevents the scope from moving, it is also very easy to remove using some rubbing alcohol.

All mount screws are waxed from the factory.

Customers working in extreme conditions may want to degrease the screws and screw holes and use Loctite 243 Blue instead.

We recommend the use of torx drivers for ease of mounting. The torx head is rather shallow and a torx driver is easier to use than a torx key..

Leveling the Scope

The scope must be mounted without any cant or elevation adjustments will result in unintentional windage adjust- ments. The included 10-degree wedge properly aligns the rotation of the scope. Place the scope into the rings. Slide the wedge in its track in the mount and against the flat bottom of the scope. Once scope is properly aligned, cross tighten the ring screws starting with the middle screws.

Adjusting Tensioning Screws

The QDP series of mounts have two quick-detach (QD) levers with tensioning screws on the opposite side of the Mount Body. The tension of the QD levers is adjusted from the factory, but due to variances between different rail manufacturers the tension may require re-adjustment prior to use.

To attach the mount to a Picatinny or NATO rail for the first time follow these steps:

    1. Prepare the rail by wiping it clean. For maximum environmental protection apply a light coat of oil to the rail (CLP is fine) as to prevent corrosion of the rail due to humidity trapped between the rail and the mount.
    2. Release the QD levers and open them fully by depressing the locking latches and pulling on the levers.
    3. Seat the mount fully on the rail and push it forward.
    4. Close the QD levers carefully. If the levers close, skip to step 8.
    5. If either lever won’t close open it fully, then, using a T20 driver, loosen the tensioning screw two turns by screwing it counter-clockwise.
    6. Close the QD lever fully and tighten the tensioning screw.Note: Tighten until snug – do NOT overtighten!
    7. Release the QD lever and repeat process from step 3.
    8. Grab hold of the mount and pull it to the rear. If the mount moves on the rail repeat from step 6, otherwise installation is complete.

The level

The spirit level is made from plastic and can be easily replaced. Remove the M8 set screw on the rear right side of the mount body and push out the level from the left. Replacement levels are available for order. Be careful when replacing the set screw – too much force will crack the level.


Torque keys are limited in that they are dependent on the amount of oil/grease/wax being used on the screws to achieve the required torque as friction in the thread engagement and in the screw head also affects torque values. At the shooting range or in a workshop environment this is not a problem. But in the field, or worse, after a month in the sandbox, it is a whole different situation. Our recommendation is to use a torque key during initial installation of your ISMS mount.

The ring screws should be torqued to 15-25 in/lb (1.9-2.9 Nm) depending on the recommendation of the scope manufacturer.


Our mounts feature several Spuhr interface surfaces on the mount body and rings. The interfaces on the rings are aligned with the scope – regardless of tilt – so that any accessories mounted to them will also be aligned with the optics. The interfaces on the mount body are aligned with the mounting surface and does not have any tilt.

We strongly recommend that lasers, illuminators, and secondary optics are attached to the ISMS for the strongest mounting position available compared to a forend that will flex when used with rests, bipods, forward grips, or slings.

Always check the length of the accessory screws before attaching any accessories – if the screws are too long they will mar the scope tube. The back of the wedge tool has a screwlength gauge. Marred scopes due to the use of excessive length screws are the responsibility of the users.






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Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 cm


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